Top 25 epic names for your unisex cat

Are you tired of searching for gender-based specific name for new kitties? There are hundreds of unisex names for the cat which are extremely adorable and suitable for both male and female cats. From all of them, I am going to present the best 25 cutest unisex names for the cat.

Cute Food names for unisex cat

Food does not have gender division. Therefore some food names are the Purrfect match for both kitty boy and girl. Let’s have a look some delicious names which are hard to resist.

Mochi– Fluffy chewy yummy Japanese dessert which is made with traditional sticky rice. Sometimes it is called Japanese marshmallow. Mochi itself is so cute in appearance which is suitable for every kitty with short, medium or long soft fur coat whether they are boy or girl.

Pepper– If you have an active cat with 100% Cattitude, you should call Pepper because this adorable sassy fur baby will heat up your life with unconditional love and unique personality. Pepperball is another adorable version of pepper.

Raman– Amazing match for curly hair or wired hair breed because they are like Ramen noodle.

Sushi– Quite a common unisex name for black and white cats or you can say Tuxedo cats. Onigari and Maki are diversions of sushi which you can consider as the name for the beloved kitty.

Pumpkin– A common name for both female and male orange cat. And this is a good choice for any cat parents who are a fan of fall and autumn season-related holidays.

Spice– Cats have the power to spice up our boring life. Therefore, this is the reason why they become our life companions. There is a lot of diversions of spice like you can call your cat Cinnamon, Caraway, Nutmeg, Clove, Thyme, etc.

Cheeseball– Who loves Cheeseball? I always rise my paws up if someone says Cheeseballs and Cheetos. These fluffy, cheesy yummy snacks are my all-time favorite snack for movie time. And they look like tiny fluffy ginger cats that are curling and sleeping.

Mocha– The wonderful combination of chocolate and coffee. Some kitties have a beautiful milk chocolate color. Of course, they are our little Mocha which sweetens, freshens up our lives.

Toffee– Have a cat and call him or her Toffee. Your life will sweeten up in a healthy way without diabetes every day.

Pancake– Unlike cupcakes, the pancake is so cute for both male and female cats because they are round and fluffy just like fur babies.

Famous places and mystical unisex names for catsmystical unisex names for cats

Paris– Not only for cats, but this name is popular among 21st-century baby names. Paris is known as the city of romance. Affectionate kitties are best to call the same name with a famous city of love and passion.

Bali– Are you looking for a Purrfect name for an exotic cat? This name will remind you of white sand, crystal blue water, and coconut trees whenever you call your kitty. A wonderful name with full of the exotic essence for exotic cats like Balinese, Javanese, and Siamese.

Siam– Another exotic name for Asia origin cats because Siam is to inspire the country which is enriched with priceless traditions and cultures of true South East Asia.

Venice– One of most European popular places. Most delicious foods, the finest wine, the standard cheese will bring you to paradise. I do love Venice like I love cats. This is considerable another city of romance name for beloved kitties.

Cairo– Best name to honor the glorious history of all house cats and this is suitable for both little furry housemaster and mistress. Once they were worshiped as a god and they will not forget it because kitties will always be our protectors and healers.

Maneki– Maneki means ” beckoning” in Japanese and short-term of most popular Asian lucky charm Maneki-Neko. Colors are not mattered as all our kitties are our own forever lucky charm. I do not know about luck but a kitty named Maneki will bring the sweetest greatest love just for you surely.

Chimera– Fearsome but amazing legendary creature of Ancient Greece and Asia Minor. Chimera is suitable for those who are searching for fully unique unisex kitten names from myth.

Quillin– This is a celestial benevolent creature sacred by Chinese people. Quillin is the symbol of perfect goodness, righteousness, nobility. Cats are also innocent as they will never lie like humans.

Tianlong – A powerful celestial heavenly dragon that was worshiped in ancient China. This cool exotic name is Purrfect for every kitty especially white.

Zhulong– Another celestial dragon but this one is in red color so the epic name for ginger cats.

Typical famous unisex cat names

Diamond– You can consider this precious name by how precious your cat is. I had a feline brother named Diamond because he was a precious little-spoiled prince. Feel free to check out Diamond’s story from the story category.

Fuzzball– Funny and cute name suitable for all fluffy male and female cats. All kitties have more or less fuzzy nature along with fuzzy puffy bodies.

Bouncy– Some of your cats may be adorable bouncing balls because of their active nature and playfulness. Yes, bounce, bounce kitty!

Marshmallow– Common cutest unisex kitten names for short, medium, or long fur coat chubby kitties.

Theo– The creative name for both boy and girl cats. This is one of the most popular 2017 to 2018 unisex baby names.

There are more creative famous cat namesmale cat names and female cat names which you can check out. Naming the cat is fun but stepping out of the ordinary and searching for special ones is better because our cats are special to us. Not only gender-based names but also unisex names for the cat can be cool and creative.

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