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Hello! & Welcome to my Hey Meoww web site crazy cat lovers! I am Nadia Ruby and I am a fan of small feline so I created this website to help my best for any of you who are searching useful information to try best for your sweet furry babies. There are a variety of resources and research about problems, solutions, and knowledge that owners face usually in this website while adding myths, heartwarming stories, and fan arts. So meow fans can unite and have fun, get useful information or share own experiences together in one place. What is the reason people visit websites about cats? Because the reason is all about furry babies. Some of you can be new parents who are seeking information about how to care your feline children or just want to enjoy photos and stories. Kitties are wonderful creatures with cuteness, speed, strength, playful nature and they are also powerful predators like big cousins from jungles. Since prehistoric time, domesticated wild cats have been protecting us from vermin’s, poisonous snakes and insects. They were worshiped as a god, patrons in ancient times though still queens and kings of our homes. If you are chosen by one, you should be honored and be ready to get a blessing with perfect happiness and love. In my whole life, these tiny felines have been my siblings, my best friends, my children/grandchildren. I rescued 3 orphan kittens and ended with up to 15 new generations from them so I have a lot of experiences given by them. Therefore not only solid informative researched posts but also my own experiences added here for giving new ideas to dear meow followers. Here I will introduce you with a brief tour of what my site can help you. This website can support you with-

1. Health and Caring section

Is your cat accidentally sick by poisonous plants that you brought unknowingly? Then you need to know dangerous intoxicated pants species that you must avoid for the sake of beloved pets and also the common signs of being sick by toxic plants and how to treat them emergency before going to vet. Our furry friends know medicinal herbs given by wild nature so as parents, we must know too, There is also a topic about herbal knowledge for meow owners who like traditional remedy instead of modern ones. Do you have no idea of how to care first rescued baby or newborn infant kitten?Don’t worry, you can get help from the general ideas and clinical researched methods of not only newborn but also for adult ones.Only knowing about caring, nursing isn’t enough, foods you give to fluffy felines are also important because some foods are not suitable for them. So be careful when you want to give some treats before reading the post about dangerous foods and healthy meals you must know with possible general symptoms of sickness from worldwide medical resources.You are not mama cat so taking care of newborns will be quite difficult but I can help with ideas and proper ways as much as I can reach for example bottle feeding and detail care.There are also well-informed characteristic and signs of harmful micro organism and worms that are commonly found in pets because I believe it’s important to know what kinds of parasites are making our kitties in health trouble.If you are having an issue with an unclear decision about declawing, my informative writing about advantages and disadvantages of declawing can help for best clear decision.

2. Behaviors and training section

Is your kitty showing bad behave or favorite furniture was destroyed by love scratch from little paws?There is a training category will advise the best way to tame naughty little furry friends not only to protect furniture but also for litter box problems.Sometimes cats can show strange behaviors especially if they upset, sick or bothering physically or mentally like in breeding periods. The feline race is well known for being unpredictable so it’s better to read them well when they are showing abnormal attitudes.For that reason, I added not only good general research but also own experiences here.The most common problem litter box training time as they aren’t human and you don’t want to beat them too.Therefore it’s necessary to learn that there are better ways of training without beating spoiled fluffy princes and princesses in this website and easy DIY litter box creating methods can support for those who can’t effort to buy one. Remember, only time and patience needs and there is always second option to escape from any blockage so you don’t need to depress or abandon beloved pets.

3. Breed, heat, and pregnancy

There are varieties of famous cat breed around the world.Some owners may have no ideas of what race their fur babies are.The solution is here by the explanations of different races in the physical and general characteristic of a single breed to find out easily.Cat has own love period that is known as the heating cycle.What is that exactly and how will you know kitty in heat?All will be clear by my well-researched resources with biologically, psychologically detail changes, especially in mating season. Animal behaviors change when they are ready to mate.So pet owners must notify the psychological issue of their own fluffy friends when they are in heat.After romantic time was gone, they are now preparing to be new parents as crazy meow lovers are also excited to be grandparents, aunties or uncles from adorable fur children and siblings. Pregnant women are so delicate and need proper care also the pre-mama pets needs too.you can easily learn how to care them from this site.Things you should do or avoid them until the delivery time can be written on a specific topic so dear visitors can find easily without having any worries.

4. Toys, scratching posts, outfits, beds, and accessories

Our Itty-bitty felines need toys to play for improving activities. Bored cat can’t be happy and healthy. Therefore I can help you with the explanations about the common toys can be seen in the market place then it will give a better idea to choose which one is best for playful kittens.Having a problem with little paws and claws on your favorite sofa or carpet then I assure you must need scratching posts.You can see the up to date cute toys and different types of scratching towers in trusted stores so active babies can exercise freely.Can not effort to buy one, no problem because there are easy DIY methods to make own in the home.Humans love fashion and beautiful dresses, therefore, some crazy cat fans like to put cutely adorable clothes on little meow. You can even enjoy my posts about Kitty fashion, not only formal wears but also fun outfits for special holidays like Halloween. What do you think?witch kitty or Dracula purr or fluffy pumpkin costumes.Will you let the kitty sleep on the floor?It’s not the right thing to treat on own pets.They must have only warm and cozy furniture.Not only the variety of pretty beds but also adorable accessories for cats and their humans both from Amazon affiliate store directly from here.

5. Entertainments and Souvenir

Here is a fun part for my dear visitors who love to watch cute photos and videos of sweet furry babies!Ready to melt your heart with lots of lovely, funny images and also there will be “Cat of the Month” fun contests, own stories contests, poems, Arts and much more!There are wonderful fun arts, portraits, fantasy paintings and even for special holidays feline inspired arts all are created by me.All inspirations of mythological creatures are turned into adorable kitty versions here that will bring you a magical feeling.Real life portraits can be requested to me as memorial items of deceased pets or living ones and don’t forget to read my own heart warming rescued stories came from life experiences too.If you are a T-shirt lover, my gift shop can serve with amazing cat inspired unique T-shirt designs as a souvenir from Hey Meow website.All the designs are done by me with different kind of quotes, fine arts, cartoons, Halloween, Easter, Christmas and a lot more!Feel free to send your own poems, stories, drawings, photos, and videos from contact or never hesitate to make discussions in comments as I really appreciated your concerns.

I believe All cats matter!